Apply on ClearScore

Loans and credit cards are means to an end. ClearScore's users and their financial needs are diverse. Some users are aiming for big investments, where as others are trying to get their debts in control. Whatever the reason, the needs to secure financial products quickly and easily is vital to those who use ClearScore's services. Apply on ClearScore was a feature that improved how users applied for, and tracked their financial products.
Client: ClearScore,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Design Lead


Credit cards and loans make up more than 90 percent of ClearScore’s revenue and in 2019 the product verticals contributed to £103,000 in daily gross revenue. ClearScore’s marketplace, product verticals and application journey are all important features and contribute to the user experience and financial growth of the business.

External application journey

ClearScore's existing application journey required users to leave the ClearScore app. This created a disjointed journey. In addition, tracking conversion was difficult, with successful applications taking up to 30 days to appear on a users credit report.

Apply on ClearScore

Apply on ClearScore enabled customers to complete their full application on ClearScore, which includes document signing and income verification; all in a matter of minutes, and with fewer clicks needed overall! There is no brand shock, no rate shock and no awkward handover – meaning we have a happier customer, and obviously a happier partner as well! This is achieved using Dynamic Forms, an API that dynamically generates the application journey on ClearScore. Working with Lendable, ClearScore’s biggest loans provider, I was able to create an integrated application journey and test it through A/B testing.

User, business & partner success

Apply on ClearScore was rolled out to 10 percent of users in week 1, followed by 50 percent in week 2 and 100 percent in week 3. Conversion rate increased by more than 70 percent, with an average application time of 2 minutes. The result is ClearScore’s ecosystem is made richer for customers and a better conversion for partners like Lendable.

My Role

I was the lead designer on the project and designed the first integrated application journey for ClearScore, making it easier for users to apply for loans. I worked closely with product, the development team and our partner, Lendable. I gathered the requirements, created the flows and produced the dev ready designs.