ClearScore Credit Health

Founded in 2015, ClearScore was the first UK company to provide people with free access to their credit score and report. This is how ClearScore grew to become the UK's number one credit health service and scaled to four markets, with over 20 million users.
Client: ClearScore,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Design Lead

Problem and Oppotunity

In the past, when you applied for credit, you would be accepted or rejected credit based on your credit history. As a consumer, you had a limited view of how the risk assessment was made. But what if everyone had access to their credit history? What’s more, what if it was free? This is what ClearScore set out to do.

Take control of your finances

ClearScore believed that if it could provide everyone with free access to their credit report, it could empower users to take control of their finances, helping people improve their credit score and achieve their financial goals.

User first. Revenue second

ClearScore’s business model was simple. Acquire users, help them improve their score and show them Pre-Approved offers tailored to their credit report. In return, ClearScore aimed to build trust with its users and monetise through product conversion.

From credit check to financial well-being

ClearScore's business model proved successful. However, market changes and user needs prompted ClearScore to think differently about its services. The business realised that everyone who comes to ClearScore is unique, with unique circumstances and financial goals.

Helping people achieve their financial goals

The solution was a personalised ClearScore, one that could adapt to the diverse and complex needs of its users.

Apply on ClearScore

With Apply on ClearScore, we made it even easier for users to get the financial product they need to achieve their goals. By integrating the application journey into ClearScore's eco-system users can now complete their full application on ClearScore, which includes document signing and income verification; all in a matter of minutes, and with fewer clicks needed overall!

The UK’s Number One Credit Health Service

After ClearScore moved to financial well-being, it became a widely trusted financial service, providing over 20 million people with access to their credit information. The business now operates in four global markets, including the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada.
Case Study

From credit check to financial well-being

More information about the evolution of ClearScore's products and services can be found in my case study. Get in touch if you’re interested in working with me and would like to hear more.

My Role

I was ClearScore’s Principal Designer and Head of UI. I played a pivotal role in the design strategy and future vision for digital products, leading the design direction on projects in acquisitions, engagement and marketplace. I also led the research and design direction for new business ventures, including DriveScore and ClearScore's next-gen credit health app.