ClearScore Credit Health

ClearScore was the first UK company to offer people free access to their credit score and report, empowering them to take control of their finances. Today, ClearScore has established a presence in four markets, with over 20 million users worldwide.
Client: ClearScore,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Design Lead

Making Personal Finance Clearer

ClearScore's approach was to provide people with a credit health service like no other. One of the core values was that ClearScore should provide users with impactful information, but it should be kept clear. We achieved this by 'layering' content. The credit score was the benchmark. The credit report provided the detail including a full credit history and recommended actions. Finally, the marketplace provided tailored financial products.

Apply on ClearScore

With Apply on ClearScore, we made it even easier for users to get the financial products they needed faster. Apply on ClearScore introduced an integrated application journey, reducing the complexity often found in other application processes. Apply on ClearScore was loved by users and was a success for ClearScore and its partners. The result achieved an eight per cent gain in completed applications.

A different approach to finance

ClearScore's approach to representing finance was to use nature as a metaphor. Nature imagery helped to elevate the content beyond financial information, creating an impactful experience for users.

Trusted By Millions

ClearScore has become a widely trusted financial service, providing over 20 million people with access to their credit information. The business now operates in the UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada. ClearScore continues to grow and has launched new services, including ClearScore Protect and DriveScore, a revolutionary telematics product.