DriveScore Telematics

There are over 36m UK licence holders. Roads could be safer, and insurance could be fairer. Insurers use algorithms to determine your insurance premium based on statistical data, such as area, age, and marital status. They do not account for how you drive as an individual. However, whilst there is a growing trend of telematics-based insurance products, these products are usually limited to a single insurer and are poorly received by those with privacy concerns.
Client: ClearScore,
Project: Mobile app,
Role: Design Lead

Making driving safer

DriveScore has been created to make UK drivers safer and car insurance fairer. With over 16 million UK users, ClearScore believes they are best positioned to use their user's trust and fundamentally disrupt the unfair and broken car insurance market.

Telematics done differently

DriveScore uses your phone to detect how you drive. It works automatically, straight from your pocket, without connecting to your vehicle. After a drive, a user receives their DriveScore and full report, which they can share in return for cheaper car insurance. DriveScore is private and independent of insurers.

Taking DriveScore further

DriveScore’s vehicle hub uses telematics data to show users how eco-friendly they drive. Events like harsh acceleration and braking can impact fuel economy and the environment. Car Insurance is also more straightforward. Data is collected progressively, significantly reducing the time to receive a quote.

Users love DriveScore

Initial reaction to the DriveScore MVP was mixed, with some users reporting technical issues with accuracy and battery performance. Other users thought the concept was a good idea and helped them improve aspects of their driving. Today, many of the technical issues have resolved, leading to positive ratings on Trustpilot (4.1), Apple Appstore (4.7) and Google Playstore (4.5). DriveScore continues to progress.

How We Made DriveScore

For DriveScore to be successful we needed to identify the incentive that users responded best to, a safety-led or price-led proposition. Before designing DriveScore's user experience we went through an extensive research phase, involving early user interviews and quantitive testing. Download the case study (pdf) to see how DriveScore was made.